What is billingsMentor Version 2 (ovulationMentor)?

billingsMentor, Version 2 (ovulationMentor) is a web service and cell phone App that guides you in observing, recording and interpreting your fertility symptoms according to the Billings Method. It avoids the use of stamps and symbols by visualising fertility as a simple bar chart that combines fertility with the rules of the Billings Method. This is an important aspect of the e-learning experience.

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Outline of billingsMentor (ovulationMentor)

billingsMentor, Version 2 (ovulationMentor) helps you to follow the Billings Method by:

  • guiding you in making a proper entry of your fertility symptoms;
  • automatically generating your fertility chart;
  • interpreting your symptoms and your fertility status on each day;
  • recognizing your Peak day in a cycle and predicting menstruation;
  • allowing you to override and mark your Peak day in a cycle;
  • identifying your Basic Infertile Pattern (BIP) whether you are having normal cycles or long cycles (e.g. breastfeeding);
  • allowing you to override and define your Basic Infertile Pattern (BIP);
  • applying the 1,2,3 count of the Early Day Rule 3;
  • reminding you of the wait day after intercourse in the pre-ovulatory phase.

Reference: The Billings Method, by Dr Evelyn Billings and Dr Ann Westmore, Penguin Books, first published 1980, new edition 2011.

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billingsMentor was first released as a web service in 2009 and has been under continuous monitoring, improvement and development. The first cell phone app was released in 2015.